What is conversational marketing?

All these incredible technologies work together to provide a lifelike conversational experience. Those statements then inform the chatbot’s response to questions asked by your customers. This chatbot example aligns their user-generated content marketing strategy also. It’s a simple way to promote your brand and increase brand awareness. With the rise of mobile and social shopping, […]

Advantages and disadvantages of Chatbots: everything you need to know

Today, most businesses operate with an omnichannel model by selling across platforms, including their website, Facebook, etc. AI chatbots offer an effortless and straightforward way for customers to communicate with their business through various platforms such as Facebook Messenger and other social media channels. In this article, we will explore the key benefits of chatbots […]

Automated Customer Service: Pros, Cons and Best Practices

What is Customer Support Automation? You can choose “round-robin” to distribute tickets equally or route tickets based on agent skills and experience. In addition to automating your routine support workflow operations, you can even resolve common customer questions via FAQs, help articles, and tutorials. The best part is that such tools are super easy-to-use, affordable, […]

Generative AI Offerings and LLMs: A Comparison of Google vs Azure vs Amazon

Generative AI vs Large Language Models Pure deterministic results go against the nature of generative models, in which a level of, let’s say, creativity or variability is supposed and assumed. A mechanism to control variability (beyond the use of the “Temperature” setting, i.e., the setting that is supposed to control LLM “creativity”) is essential. The […]

Email Marketing And Chatbots Plexy Email Marketing And Chatbots

Will chatbots transform maritime services? AI chatbots (sometimes called conversational chatbots) can lead potential customers from initial queries, down your sales funnel and lead them to make a purchase decision. They can then hand off the customer to your booking page to complete the purchase. ChatGPT can be integrated into marketing automation platforms to streamline […]

Best AI Chatbot For Restaurant Business

Google Connects A I. Chatbot Bard to YouTube, Gmail and More Facts The New York Times To build the Restaurant chatbot, sign up now and create an account. Then log into the Dashboard, create an Instance, and make use of Style Builder, Story Builder, and Instinct AI to design and develop the conversational flow of […]

Natural language processing in insurance Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

What is Natural Language Processing NLP? Computers can easily identify keywords and from a dictionary database know a specific word’s meaning. However, it is much harder to pick up the context of speech with its nuances like sarcasm. For example, we know when a friend says that they are “fine” that really might not be […]

Zibra AI The Only Ukrainian Startup in Andreessen Horowitzs Accelerator

Ideogram launches with $22 3 million CAD for generative AI text-to-image platform like DALL-E I recommend you do that at some point, but in case you need a quick synopsis, I took the liberty of using Wordtune Read, the app from AI21 Labs, to summarize it for you. Here you go in less than 1,000 […]

Deep learning vs machine learning: whats the difference?

Machine learning, AI, and the future of content marketing The algorithms can be programmed to scour the web for specific information and compile it into an easily digestible format. It’s important that you only compare algorithms on their performance on training data and test data – not just how machine learning works on their estimated […]