Sugar Cravings After Quitting Alcohol

Content Are Alcoholism and Sugar Addiction Related? Sugar intake and craving during alcohol withdrawal in alcohol use disorder inpatients We Support Can You Rewire Your Cravings? What are the Stats On Rehab and Recovery? Mental Health Disorders and Addiction Transfer Sugar Cravings after Quitting Alcohol: 10 Dietitian-Approved Tips Ultimately, this can create a disconnection between […]

Sober Curious: Benefits of Abstaining from Alcohol

Among women who were moderate drinkers, quitting was linked to improvements in the mental well-being of both Chinese and American study populations. The positive effects were found to be consistent regardless of other factors, including sociodemographic characteristics and body mass index. To determine the likely net outcome of alcohol consumption, the probable risks and benefits […]

Sober Living Blog & Sobriety Tips

Content SOBER BROWN GIRLS Fcking Sober the First 90 Days S2 E7: Weiners and Noodles Jan Alcohol and Inflammation How Alcohol Affects Your Mental Health This is meant to help you lead an alcohol-free life of freedom and joy, sobriety, and to find a community of people with similar experiences and sober goals. SobrieTea Party […]

How to Practice Kundalini Meditation

Whatever brought us to addiction, it can become challenging to untangle ourselves. I practice Kundalini yoga and the changes I have seen in myself make me a believer that it is a powerful way to help get past addiction. We often think the “rock bottom” drug addicts and alcoholics are in need of real help. […]

Can you drink alcohol with ibuprofen?

It is also highly recommended that you reduce your alcohol intake if you are already under ibuprofen medication. Whether you consume ibuprofen with alcohol or vice-versa, it is always risky. Overconsumption of alcohol can lead to other health conditions. It is best to get help as early as possible, even if you think your drinking […]